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22nd September 74 IMAGES Uploaded

1st September 106 IMAGES Uploaded

2nd September 78 IMAGES Uploaded

3rd September 24 IMAGES Uploaded

17th September 40 + IMAGES Uploaded

20th September 100 + IMAGES Uploaded

11th September The Point nearly 200 IMAGES Uploaded

10th September The Point 341 IMAGES Uploaded

9th September Shark Island 150 + IMAGES Uploaded SO FAR

8th September A few from Point + Shark Island * 95 IMAGES Uploaded * SO FAR

31st August The Point Uploaded 167ish, more to come as edited

28th August UPLOADED over 110 IMAGES

21st August Shark Island Just UPLOADED over 100 Images

of 200+. Email me for poss complete sequence of your ride.

20th August The Point Big Swell UPLOADED 151 IMAGES

15th August South Cronulla Sunrise UPLOADED 25 IMAGES

13th August Elouera Uploaded 86 IMAGES

12th August.. Elouera shoot for Chris on SUP.. UPLOADED 175 IMAGES

11th August The Point Mega Sunrise + some surf UPLOADED 63 IMAGES

6th August and all quiet on the western front. A few sunup shots

4th August The Point Shoot 4 Chris UPLOADED 41 IMAGES

3rd August ThePoint Dark Wet UPLOADED 51 IMAGES

2nd August The Point *Not Bad* UPLOADED 228 IMAGES

** FROM JULY'17 ** >> I will only be uploading a few from each session and if you want more

of yourself from a particular wave then email me and I will see if I captured all of it *****

Favourites allows you to tag your favourite images as you browse my website galleries. You will then be able to view all of your favourite images together in a single area and be able to further refine your favourites and add images to your Shopping Cart.


There is still a 15% discount for purchases of any 5 and over Images as a lot of my shots are in sequence.

The Coupon Code is ....( SPECIAL15 ).... to be used when you checkout and your discount is calculated automatically.

All photography by Lukie .... Enjoy

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Surf 'n Sun provides photography mainly in the Cronulla area. Click here>> portfolio for dated folders of my work or click on photos at the top of this page. Go to Folder by Year/Month with dated sub folders for easier navigation. All images are for digital download only ( approx A4 size) (2-5mb 'ish) and are only $10 a download and there is a 15% discount for 5 x Images plus which is calculated at the checkout automatically. Please email me if you require larger file size for larger printable images. ( A3 @ 300dpi about 4mb plus for $15each ) All Images remain the property of Head Shotz. The total number of IMAGES is on the folder when you mouse over it so that you know whether or not to refresh your browser if all the images have not yet uploaded ( command R for mac and F5 for PC ). The Watermark in the middle of the photo does not download with your image choice. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL Thank you.... Lukie